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 Resourcing for Awareness & Encouraged Growth of N.W. Youth Workers & Ministries
Volume 19 Issue 2 - September 2016
NW Regional Office — The National Network of Youth Ministries,— www.youthworkers.net

Welcome back from Summer...trust it was a good one for you and your ministry.

For 19 years, twice a year, we have been sending out this resource information to NW ministries. It comes to you from the Pacific NW regional office of the National Network of Youth Ministries. It is designed to put you in the loop on some of what is happening within the NW and beyond. Resources that might have value to your ministry and personal life. As with all effective communication it’s strongest when a two way process. Last September a linked survey was sent out and in January an update on what we were learning was given. Many of you responded by accessing the survey link via our regional website. Thanks for taking a few minutes to tell us about yourself and your ministry. If you haven’t yet responded you still can @ Networknw.org

What are we doing with the information?

As you are likely aware Youth Ministry (YM) is changing on many fronts. Average longevity in a single location by full time workers is averaging 3.5 years. But we have fewer fulltime Youth Leaders. Those that have good connections of support, both within and outside the walls of their own ministry have been staying significantly longer. Part of that support has been the result of training and having leaders, mentors or peers that provide encouragement, insight and help. This next February a special time is set to address the question:

“What is the state of YM in the NW and what can we be doing collectively and individually to increase our effectiveness as we seek to impact a world and culture of need.”

Added insight and perspective, will help us adequately make headway with this task and your input has significant value in the process.


Some ways you can help:

1) If you have not done so complete the survey on the home page NetworkNW.org As you do so you will see our regional website is extremely out of date, that will be changing in 2017. However, the calendar (back side of this page) will be updated with hot links to the resources noted.

2) The coming February gathering will be by invitation only, but we want all of youth ministry to be represented. Would you assist us in making sure that happens by using the contact info below to share who within your organization or denomination needs to be at the table.

3) We have been refreshing our National website, you can access it via the link provided @ Networknw.org or go directly to NNYM.org. Your registration there (or update of current info) will help us see where various ministries are located and assist others in finding you. We truly can be “Better Together” within our local communities. Praying with you for a blessed year ahead! –I’m Chris the NW Regional Coordinator for NNYM. Welcome to call/text..(206-890-6034) or crenzelman@nnym.org about any of the above & thoughts on how we can be “Better Together”.

Thanks for your faithfulness in our shared mission of making a difference.

~Chris Renzelman, Regional Coord. for NNYM

  • If you know of or are looking for any ministry positions call us @ 800-470-3101

Questions please e-mail to CRenz@networknw.org
or call the Network Regional Office @ 206-890-6034
Chris Renzelman, Regional Coordinator
PO Box 2515 Renton, WA 98056
National Website: www.youthworkers.net

Calendar information from the September issue can be found on the Ministry Calendar page.

Archived Issue of Network N.W. News and Notes can be found here.

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National Network's Northwest Regional Team:

Chris Renzelman: Regional Coordinator
Ph. 800-470-3101, 425-255-2255
E-mail: crenz@networknw.org

Tom Horton: Assistant Regional Coordinator & Founder of Rural Church Youth Ministries
Ph. 206/934-4100
E-mail: RuralTom@juno.com

Patty Ladd: Office Administration
Mail to: NNW P.O. Box 2515 Renton, WA 98059

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