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January 2016 - archive

Here we go…. Welcome to 2016!!! Are you ready for a New Year? That can mean… I'm not done with 2015, I've had it with 2015, my planning's done or not done for 2016….or hopefully, "I'm looking forward to the New Opportunities" that will come with the fresh start of a New Year. I recently did a study on the Biblical basis of planning for some teaching with our Young Adult Group. A group that values help with Purpose, Scheduling, Priorities, Mentoring, Relationships, etc. One of my personal takeaways was the need for more "Margin" in my own life.

An insightful book by G. Campbell Morgan "The Great Physician" (hard to find) looks at Jesus encounter with 50 various N.T. characters. The book helped me reflect on my own connections with people. Without margin, we lose flexibility and opportunity to engage with ministry. Without margin stress can move to distress! For some the challenge is too much margin and how do we become more intentional & organized. That's the value of personal reflection and planning. I've shared this before and several of you are tapping into some of the helpful resources www.MichaelHyatt.com (former CEO of Thomas Nelson) provides.

Our last mailing in Sept offered a survey to provide some educated view of NW Youth workers & related ministries Here are some findings from the current input provided: 4% of you are in Volunteer positions, 15% Part time paid, 22% paid Full time, 33% in Ministry Lead positions and 22% full time but only part time youth. 71% in Local Church positions. Tenure in Youth Ministry 4 mo.-30 years. Length of time in positions varied. (ex. 14 years in 5 different locations; 30 yrs in 6 churches, 23 yrs in 4 locations. 50% of you have had formal training in YM. Your Student Leader ratio's are 1 leader with 3 students up to 1/10 ratio. Average size of Youth group 10- 20 students 14%, 20-30 23%, 30-50 45%, 50-100 18%. 9% of you fund raise 100% of your budget. 13% operate with under 1k, 22% under 3k, 30% have 4-6k and 17% have 6-10k. The level of support thru Mentors, Supervisors or Seminar/conference; 9% none, 4% mentors, 17% wkly with supervisor, 13% monthly with supervisor. 22% meet monthly as a Ministry Team & 35% of you attend outside seminars or conference. Good input on what would be helpful via websites, Thanks! 19% of you left positions due to finances, 23% due to Organizational Leadership change, 4% were asked to leave due to Leadership changes. 4% asked to leave due to Change of Vision direction, 8% Spouse job change brought need to leave, 7 % to get closer to family, 23% better offer suited to giftedness/training, etc. 21% of you are willing to coach others, 12% would like to be coached. 16% currently involved in a local group of youth workers, 7% would like to find such a group. 14% of you are willing to speak for other camps or events.

If you haven't personally taken the survey we'd value your responses. You can find the brief survey on our website home page @ www.NetworkNW.org (Input will help; in centralizing web resources, directing conf & seminar content & enhancing ways we work together to strengthen NW Youth Ministry and the Health & Well-being of Youth Workers.) Thanks in advance, for a few minutes of help. This current edition of Network N.W. News and Notes brings you some "Calendar Happenings" and resourceful information for your own growth, that of your team and your students. Give it a review some excellent NW resources here. Contact each for needed details or give a call to our Network NW Regional Office. Praying with you for a blessed year ahead. -I'm Chris the NW Regional Coordinator for www.NNYM.org